Fillet / Sirloin


Alla Griglia


Fillet or sirloin served with grilled mushrooms and tomato (Sirloin £20.50)

Al Peppe


Fillet or sirloin served with a creamy peppercorn sauce (Sirloin £21.95)



Fillet or sirloin in a creamy Italian blue cheese sauce topped with asparagus (Sirloin £22.95)



Fillet or sirloin with a creamy mushroom, onion, red wine and mustard sauce (Sirloin £22.95)

Surf and Turf


Fillet or sirloin with king prawns in a Thermador sauce (Sirloin £28.95)

Tornado Rossini


Fillet of beef resting on olive oil croutons topped with home-made pate and finished with Italian marsala sauce



Fillet with wild mushrooms, shallots and Barolo wine

Filleto Stroganoff


Diced fillet steak, mushrooms, paprika, red wine and brandy cream sauce (served with rice)



Fillet or sirloin in garlic, tomato, oregano and mozzarella cheese (Sirloin £22.95)



Fillet or sirloin cooked with fresh chilli, garlic, tomato and tiger prawns (Sirloin £24.95)